Behind The Music - The Story of the song Q (now called So Alive)

This is the story 'Behind The Music' about an Atlanta band called Film and their one time lead singer Michael Lee. This is also the story about how Michael Lee and his new band AbleEdwards The Rising took what many people thought to be, Film's record deal and 2 of Film's songs and told everyone he wrote them. He even changed the name of the most well known song Q to So Alive possibly to try and keep from paying Film the royalties it deserved.

Michael Lee even claims on AbleEdwards The Rising's website that 'So Alive' is a very personal song... "a moving confession about the struggle to maintain faith in the face of adversity that is nothing short of inspirational" ... such a shame that it was actually written by Film guitarist Michael Sickeler before Mike Lee ever joined the band!

FILMLAND CD Cover Film formed in 1996 and for the first few years Michael Sickeler handled lead vocals and lead guitar. The song Q was written by Michael Sickeler back in 1998 and appeared on Film's first CD Filmland released in January 1999. After putting out their debut cd FILMLAND, the band decided to look for a lead singer so that Michael Sickeler could focus on playing guitar.

Auditions were held and finally Australian Michael Lee was asked to join the band in March of 2000.

Since FILMLAND, Film had written a load of new material and so Michael Lee's first task was to learn the songs already written. This included songs like Be With Me Now, Lead Machine, Chemical Wonder, Get Away and Coming Down. The band also continued to play the song Q (from the CD Filmland).

Rolling EP [now available]
In December 2000 Film went in to the studio to record the ..rolling.. EP  . It was released January 2001 and included a newer, sightly different version of Q with a new chorus tag line added written by Film's singer at the time, Mike Lee, in addition to the old chorus, along with the tracks Be With Me Now, Lead Machine, Chemical Wonder, Get Away and Coming Down

Guy Oceary (head of Maverick Records) has said that 'Q' is one of his favourite songs of all time. It was brought to his attention by Michael Goldberg, A&R at Maverick, after being sent by Film's lawyer at the time, Greg Brooks. Film were flown to LA in March 2001 by Maverick records and played a showcase at the legendary Viper Room, on the Sunset Strip fashion design degree online. Maverick immediately offered the band a record deal.

The band returned to Atlanta to negotiate the deal.

1 week later, Michael Lee left the band, saying he didn't wish to pursue a career with the band, and started shopping himself with the help of his new manager, Tim O'Brien using the songs written and recorded by Film. He eventually took the same deal with Maverick as a solo artist. Michael Lee's record will be out in the summer of 2003. He has re-recorded Q and changed the name to So Alive and it will be released along with another Film song Coming Down (can you feel it) on his debut CD "Future Unknown" released by Maverick Records.

Film has a new lead singer and a new version has been recorded with an even better chorus.

Leslie Fram, program director at 99X WNNX radio in Atlanta called 'Q' "Film's career building song".

Film meanwhile, are still going strong with their new lead singer Michael Meyer and continue to record and write while weighing up various offers from several indie labels (computer forensics training).

Track Listing for Michael Lee's Maverick Records debut, produced by Dick Beato.

AbleEdwards The Rising - Future Unknown

1. Lie To Me
2. Cradle
3. Future Unknown
4. Redemption
5. Q - So Alive
6. Coming Down
7. These Days
8. Gone Again
9. Let You Go
10. Who You Are
11. Yesterdays

AbleEdwards The Rising - Future Unknown
AbleEdwards the rising - future unknown

UPDATE July 5th 2003

According to the Maverick website culinary arts Florida. Mike Lee's Maverick records debut will be called Future Unknown and will be released in September 2003. His band is now called AbleEdwards The Rising. The first single Cradle goes to radio in July 2003. You dont have to buy the record and can download Film's versions of So Alive and Coming Down with Mike Lee singing on them for free here!! They are the only 2 good songs on the record anyway.. (who wants to listen to a song like Cradle with cheesy lyrics like "the touch of your skin, my body's givin' in !! come on !!) Check out AbleEdwards The Rising's website @ to hear the slightly different version.

You'll also suspiciously notice that Maverick and Mike Lee completely forget to mention that he was ever in the band Film.. he makes a point to remember he sang in an acoustic cover band called 'Hank and Mike' but never mentions that he sang in the band Film for a 1 1/2 years.... is this in case someone finds out he didnt actually write So Alive or Coming Down ????? .... oops!

It's also pretty funny to note that he says "he hadn't come all that way to perform other people's songs" ..... erm ... interesting comment........ he didn't write the best 2 songs on the record !!!!

New !

(added 4/10/04)
Looks Mike Lee has resurfaced, this time singing cover songs at an Irish Bar in Atlanta called Fado's for open mic Thursdays. When asked about AbleEdwards The Rising's plans he divulged very little, indicating there was very little to divulge.

(added 1/14/04)
looks who's back, back again... Mike Lee is back at CJ's Landing singing in the acoustic cover duo 'Hank and Mike' - Word is, he is planning to fire Hank and then re-hire him, thus renaming the band 'Mike and Hank'

(added 1/13/04)
AbleEdwards The Rising are getting ready to launch a new web site

(added 11/08/03)
this just in.. Future Unknown? AbleEdwards The Rising have been dropped by Maverick Records. The poor reaction to the record and first single has repeatedly pushed back the full length release and the label has decided to drop the band thus canceling the release of the next single 'Q' (So Alive). The band are no longer listed on Mavericks website and the band's own website is being dismantled and the message board has already been taken down. No word yet whether Reprise will put out the record.

(added 10/18/03)
Check out the feature in Atlanta's Creative Loafing newspaper about

(added 10/17/03)
this just in..... there are unconfirmed rumours that producer Dick Beato (who co-wrote the rest of the songs on Future Unknown) is now suing Mike Lee and Maverick Records for his producer credits. We'll have more on this story as it develops.

(added 9/30/03)
Once again AbleEdwards The Rising's CD release date has been pushed back possibly due to poor reviews and legal troubles. No new release date is scheduled and all remaining tour dates have been cancelled. By the time this record is released Whitesnake will be hip again so it could do well.

(added 8/29/03)
AbleEdwards The Rising Future Unknown reviews (coming soon)

(added 8/3/03)
Check out these exclusive video clips of Mike performing Film's songs a week after joining
and his first interview.
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